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We at RK Legal Advisors are motivated by the belief that it is through our accomplishments that we can assert a positive presence in our field of work. We strive to adhere to an impeccable standard of professionalism in providing efficient legal services to NRI clients. Being a law firm that caters exclusively to the various legal necessities of a clientele predominantly constituted of NRIs, we are well aware of the complexities that arise from the contingency of the client not residing in the Indian subcontinent. We can ensure that their legal issues are sorted in an effective and economic manner, unhindered by their physical absence to cater to the various legal formalities. Our procedure for assigning an NRI lawyer to a client is tailored to ensure that their specified legal and personal needs are taken into consideration. Winning is our only strategy.

We can assure the client of an honest and exhaustive analysis of the various aspects of their legal queries to ensure that they are assigned an NRI lawyer best suited to handle their legal issues. We take pride in proclaiming that we are experts in assisting, managing, and resolving legal issues of NRIs. Through our dedicated website, we can ensure that you find the right type of legal advisor for you. As dedicated legal advisors, providing NRI legal services for the last two decades, we can proffer relevant legal information for all case types.

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We at RK legal services pledge to direct our efforts to provide the best NRI legal services in Asia & Europe to ensure that the client has a clear conception of their legal issue and hence, can make an informed decision.

Given the fact that we have been providing efficient and fast legal support for NRIs for the last two decades, we strive to ensure that our client does not have to be physically present for the resolution of their issues. We pledge to uphold the trust our client puts in us to ensure they receive a prompt and fair judgement for their case.

We pledge, in our capacity as an experienced and connected law firm, to provide efficient NRI legal services to our clientele as long and ardently as humanly possible.


We are pleased to inform you that we are well on our way to assert a global presence as one of the most established and successful law firms to provide efficient legal services to NRIs located around the world. We have established ourselves as a robust presence, as instantiated by the fact that our quest now spans the exemplary width of proffering NRI legal services in India to proffering NRI legal services in Asia & Europe.

We have dedicated professional lawyers, providing NRI legal services in Uk, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and also in numerous European countries in cities such as London, Leicester, Edinburgh, Sydney, New York, Washington, Melbourn etc. We also provide effective NRI legal services in the majority of the Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, etc. We also have a sustained presence in the majority of the Indian states such as Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Goa etc., in cities like Delhi, Noida, Panchkula, Gurgraon, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Chandigarh, etc.

RK Legal Advisors is an exclusive law firm providing NRI legal services since 1995. We strive to provide comprehensive legal support and advice to NRIs around the world in their diverse legal matters.

FAQs About NRI Legal Services


The law firm whose services a client chooses to avail has a marked influence on the possibility of resolution of their legal queries. Ideally, factors such as the entirety of the experience of the lawyers working in the firm, their track records and the credibility of their proclaimed objectives, their cost-efficiency, relative to the diversity of offered services, their area of operations, and other similar factors should be taken into consideration before arriving at a decision.

A law firm with a long and positive track record is bound to be well connected. A well connected law firm usually has the resources to cater efficiently to its clientele. Furthermore, such a business establishment would generally not be comprised of short-sighted individuals. This reflects positively on the possibility of their clients being satisfied with their work. It concurrently assures the client that such a firm would not resort to underhanded tactics in a bid for money as they have a reputation that they have to live up to.


Raj & Kanwar Legal Advisors is an established law firm that caters exclusively to an NRI clientele. 25 years of positive results are a testament to the success that has been achieved. The services offered by them, from legal services in Chandigarh to the same throughout the world, can be broadly classed under three heads.

  • Property Management Services:

  • The purview of Property Management services encompasses a range of services, including Transfer of Property, Sale of Property, Acquisition of Property, Search for Property in the country of origin, and Power of Attorney bequests.

    Property Management services cater to the various modalities surrounding property law, and its implementation.

  • NRI Divorce Services:

  • Raj & Kanwar Legal Advisors, as a law firm having 25+ years of experience in catering to the resolution of matrimonial disputes amongst NRIs, is constituted of a dedicated team of experienced NRI divorce lawyers who are efficient, and prompt, in their efforts to resolve all such legal matters pertaining to matrimonial disputes.

    The purview of NRI divorce services encompasses cases of mutual divorce petitions, contested divorce petitions, maintenance cases, cases of permanent alimony, cases pertaining to domestic violence, and the like.

  • NRI Criminal Services:

  • We have been a sustained presence in the fight against unjust instances, such as those pertaining to abuse of authority, police brutality, false persecution, corruption, etc. We also cater to clients who might have been falsely implicated, under various sections, of the IPC, to clear their name in such criminal lawsuits.

    At Raj & Kanwar Legal Advisors, experts in handling and resolving criminal cases, we pride ourselves on efficiently catering to an exclusive NRI clientele in resolving their various legal issues pertaining to Criminal law.


As an NRI, the first and most glaring issue that assumes significance is the lack of periodic updates about the difference that exists, relative to the existing state of affairs, in their country of origin and country of residence. The complications arising out of this contingency are multifaceted in their own right.

The lack of proper knowledge regarding the rights of the individual, pertaining to self as well as property, are responsible for a majority of non-resident Indians incurring losses, at some point, in the valuation of their assets. This is augmented by the lack of professional advice which could, otherwise, have impeded on such an eventuality.

These constitute a portion of the issues that habitually plague reality for the non-resident Indian.


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